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  • Yosemite Valley Sunset

    Left to right: El Capitan, Clouds Rest, Half Dome, Sentinel Rock

  • El Capitan - 7,569'

    El Capitan "nose" is about a 2,900' vertical rise in elevation

  • Ribbon Fall

    This is a seasonal waterfall west of El Capitan. This waterfall drops about 1,600 feet.

  • Ribbon Fall & El Capitan

  • El Capitan

  • Horsetail Fall

    A lighted (sunlight hitting the falls) Horsetail Fall only occurs within a two week window during the year. This is a seasonal waterfall on the east side of El Capitan

  • El Capitan and Horsetail Fall

    This waterfall drops about 1,000 feet, and drys up in April.

  • Base of El Capitan

  • Merced River - El Capitan

    Merced River in the foreground, El Capitan in the background with morning light.

  • Merced River

    El Capitan Reflection

  • Yosemite Falls - Upper & Lower

    Spring time

  • Lower Yosemite Fall

    Spring Time

  • Yosemite Falls Cascades

    The Cascades are between Upper & Lower Yosemite Falls

  • Upper Yosemite Falls


  • Yosemite Falls

    Early Spring. Both waterfalls drop about 2,425 feet. Some years the waterfall drys up. Top of falls is 6,526'.

  • Yosemite Falls - 5,404'

  • Upper Yosemite Fall

    In Winter a snow cone forms at the bottom of the Upper Fall. The waterfalls drop about 2,425'

  • Upper Yosemite Fall

    From the Vernal Fall Trail

  • California Black Oak

    On the valley floor.

  • Ahwahnee Hotel in Spring

    Flowering Dogwood trees in the foreground

  • Ahwahnee Hotel in Winter

    An almost dry Yosemite Fall in the background

  • Alpenglow

    North Dome - Half Dome

  • Washington Column - Half Dome

    Morning sunrise in Yosemite. Washington Column - 6,347', Half Dome - 8,842

  • Washington Column & Half Dome

    Quarter Dome to the left of Half Dome and lower

  • Washington Colmun & Half Dome


  • North Dome - 7,543'

  • Alpenglow on Half Dome

  • Mt. Watkins & Mirror Lake

    Mirror lake is mostly silted in, best time for viewing is in the Spring

  • Mt. Watkins & Mirror Lake

    Frozen lake

  • Vernal Fall

    This waterfall drops about 320 feet, and runs all year. Elevation. at 3,327'

  • Vernal Fall

  • Vernal Fall

  • Illilouette Fall - 5,800'

    This waterfall drops about 370 feet, and flows all year. Located between Glacier Point and Vernal Fall.

  • Illilouette Fall - 5,800'

    From the Illilouette Trail.

  • Nevada Fall - 5,971'

    This waterfall drops about 595 feet, and runs all year.

  • Liberty Cap & Nevada Falls

    Liberty Cap Elevation - 7,080'

  • Bridge atop Nevada Fall

  • Nevada Fall


  • Glacier Point Apron

    Early Winter Morning

  • Merced River in Winter

  • Sentinel Rock

    Spring time from Sentinel Meadow

  • Sentinel Rock

    Fall season from Cooks Meadow

  • Yosemite Valley Chapel

  • Sentinel Rock & Sentinel Fall

    This is a seasonal waterfall, active in the Spring. The waterfall drops about 2,000 feet.

  • Sentinel Rock - 7,038'

    Late Afternoon in Winter

  • Sentinel Rock

    Merced River in foreground

  • Sentinel Rock - 7,038'

    Winter Sunset

  • Church Spires & Cathedral Rocks

    Merced River in the foreground

  • Cathedral Rocks at Sunset

  • Cathedral Rocks covered in snow

    Sentinel Rock in the distance, Lower, Middle, and Upper Cathedral Rocks covered in snow and the Leaning Tower at the far right.

  • Fern Spring

    A natural spring on the west end of the valley

  • Bridalveil Fall & The Leaning Tower

    This waterfall drops 620 feet, and runs all year although in late summer the volume is quite low.

  • Leaning Tower

    The Leaning Tower is located next to and west of Bridalveil fall

  • Yosemite Valley - 4,000'

    Merced River in foreground

  • Valley View

    Bridalveil Fall on the right

  • Valley View

    Misty morning

  • Half Dome - 8,839'

    From Glacier Point. Tenaya Canyon on the left, Little Yosemite Valley off to the right and behind Half Dome.

  • Half Dome

    This was the site of the old Glacier Point Hotel which burned in 1969

  • Half Dome

    From Glacier Point

  • Sunset on Half Dome

    Tenaya Canyon is on the left side of Half Dome. Pywiack Cascade is visable in the lower left, dropping down into Tenaya Canyon.

  • Half Dome

    Mist at 8,000 feet. Clouds Rest (9,926') behind Half Dome

  • Nevada Fall

    The High Sierra snow capped peaks, Liberty Cap in the foreground, Little Yosemite Valley beyond the waterfall, and Nevada Fall

  • North Dome & Basket Dome

    These domes face Half Dome which is across Tenaya Canyon. North Dome - 7,543', Basket Dome -7,595'

  • Mist on Mt. Watkins - 8,504'

    Looking down Tenaya Canyon with Mt. Watkins on the left shrouded in mist. At the far end of the canyon is Pywiack Cascade (sometimes called Slide Falls). A seasonal waterfall that drops 600'.

  • Sentinel Dome - 8,123'

    On the South side of Yosemite Valley, west of Glacier Point

  • Yosemite Falls

    From atop Sentinel Dome

  • Tenaya Canyon & Half Dome

    From atop Sentinel Dome

  • The Top of Sentinel Dome

    From the left is: Basket Dome, Tenaya Canyon, Clouds Rest, Half Dome, Little Yosemite Valley, Liberty Cap and the top of Nevada Fall in the lower right corner.

  • Mt Star King - 9,091'

    From Sentinel Dome looking South-East

  • Tenaya Canyon & Half Dome

    From Sentinel Dome

  • Taft Point - 7,500'

    This lookout is west of Glacier Point. A "dry" Yosemite Falls in the background across the valley.

  • Yosemite Falls

    Upper Fall, The Cascades and Lower fall are visible. From the South Rim

  • Indian Arch

    Granite arch on the trail to North Dome. This is the only granite arch in Yosemite.

  • Half Dome

    From North Dome

  • Basket Dome & Half Dome

    Basket Dome is on the left. The expanse across to Half Dome is Tenaya Canyon. From atop North Dome

  • Tip of Half Dome

    View from North Dome

  • Half Dome

    From North Dome

  • Lake Tenaya - 8,150'

    From Olmsted Point

  • Olmsted Point - Tioga Road

    Backside of Quarter Dome and Half Dome

  • Olmsted Point - Tioga Road

    Backside of Half Dome

  • Quarter Dome and Half Dome

    From Olmsted Point. Quarter Dome - 8,274', Half Dome - 8,839'

  • Half Dome

    Back side of Half Dome from Quarter Dome

  • Atop Half Dome

    Misty Afternoon , Photo by Warren Elliott

  • Tuolumne Meadows - 8,600'

  • Tuolumne Meadows

    Lembert Dome in the background

  • Lembert Dome - 9,449' elevation

    Tuolumne Meadows

  • Redwood Trees

    Mariposa Grove (Redwoods) at the south end of the park