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  • Tre le Champ (4,648')

  • Resident cat

  • Morning light

  • Warren & Mike heading up to 'The Grande Balcon Sud'

  • Mt. Blanc in the distance

  • Heading to Lac Blanc

  • Ladders on the Grand Balcony

  • Stairwell up

  • More ladders

  • Bruce, ascending the ladders

    Photo by Warren Elliott

  • Bruce out of gas. Aiguille Verte & Les Drus behind

    Photo by Warren Elliott

  • Warren on the Grand Balcon Sud

    (the Grand South Balcony) and it was Grand

  • Aiguille ou Dent du Geant (13,165')

  • Refuge and Lac Blanc ahead

  • Refuge Lac Blanc (7,716')

  • Lac des Cheserys

    Pronounced: Lock ds chez-er-ries

  • Warren at Lac des Cheserys

  • Mt. Blanc, Dome du Gouter, Aiguille de Bionnassay

    pronounced: buon-nassy

  • Grande Jorasses & Arete de Rochefort, Les Aiguilles de Charmoz on the right foreground

    Photo by Warren Elliott

  • Grandes Jorasses on the left, Aiguille du Geant on the right, Mer de Glacé below

  • Les Aiguilles de Charmoz

    Aiguille de Grepon, Aiguille de Blaitiere, Aiguille du Plan, Aiguille du Midi (in clouds)

  • Aiguille du Midi (12,605')

    pronounced: a-gwee-du-midi

  • From Refuge Lac Blanc

    Aiguille Verte - left, Les Drus - center, Grand Jorasses - background, Arete de Rochefort - right

  • Aiguille Verte (13,524'), Les Drus

    pronounced: a-gwee-verr, and le-drew

  • A receding Mer de Glacé

    Les Drus (12,316') on the left, Grand Jorasses in the clouds, Les Aiguilles de Charmoz on the right

  • Bridge over the Lac Blanc outlet

    Aiguille Verte (13,524') in the clouds

  • Arete de la Brenva & Mt. Blanc

  • Warren & Bruce at Lac Blanc

  • Mt. Blanc, Aiguille du Midi straight up from the hikers

    Photo by Warren Elliott

  • Afternoon light on Mt. Blanc

  • Mt. Dolent (12,533')

    pronounced: dolan

  • Lighted Peak: Aiguille du Geant,

    pronounced: a-gwee-dou-jon

  • Arete de Rochefort

    Grand Jorasses - left, Aiguille du Geant - right

  • Afternoon light on Mt. Blanc

  • Ibex

    Most guests of the Refuge Lac Blanc missed the Ibex, as they came out at dusk

  • Ibex

  • Lac Blanc - Morning light

    Arete de Rochefort - left, Arete de la Brenva - right

  • Morning light

    Grand Jorasses (far left), Arete de Rochefort

  • Lac Blanc (7,716') - Morning light

    Arete de la Brenva, Mt. Blanc

  • Morning light

    Mt. Blanc

  • Refuge Lac Blanc

    Rising sun on the Refuge

  • Heading down to Planplaz (cable car) and Chamonix

  • Grandes Jorasses - far left, Aiguille du Geant - middle,

  • Warren heading down with a stress fracture

  • Planplaz ahead (3,000' cable car descent to Chamonix)

    Pronounced: plan-pla & cham-mo-née

  • Warren descending

    Aiguille Verte, Les Drus, and Grand Jorasses behind

  • TMB yellow trail marker

  • Planplaz sign

    Planplaz and a cable car to Chamonix

  • Planplaz - Chamonix Cable Car

  • Bruce, Warren, Mike in Chamonix

    TMB - 105 mile Pronounced: Sham-mo-nee

  • Mt. Blanc (15,781')

    The Tour du Mt. Blanc circumnavigates this mountain. Taken from my departing plane.