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  • Hotel - La Foley, Switzerland (5,282')'

    Pronounced: (la-fu-ley)

  • Bus ride to Lac Champex

    Warren with a stress fracture in his leg - gutting it out

  • Hotel - Lac Champex (4,809')

    Pronounced: (lac-champ-pei)

  • Lac Champex

  • Combine Massive - afternoon light

  • Combine Massive - sunrise

    The Grand Combine rises to 14,154'

  • Morning hike through the forest to Fenetre d' Arpette

  • Mike, crossing the stream

  • Mike pointing the way

  • Fenetre d' Arpette ahead and above the boulder field

    Pronounced: (fu-net-d-arap-ed)

  • Fenetre d' Arpette is the low point on the horizon

  • Fenetre d' Arpette

  • Fenetre d' Arpette (8,743')

  • Fenetre d' Arpette (8,743')

    Bruce & Mike atop a tough climb

  • Glacier du Trient

    The other side of the Col

  • Mike aside Glacier du Trient

  • Glacier du Trient

    This glacier dominates the descending side of Fenetre d' Arpette

  • Fenetre d' Arpette

  • Hotel de la Forclaz (5,006') - Switzerland

    Pronounced: for-cle

  • Leaving Forclaz, above Trient on an elevated walkway

  • Mike looking good

  • Glacier du Trient

  • Col de Balm (7,188')

    Pronounced: col-de-belm

  • Refuge & Col de Balme; Swiss/French border

  • Mt. Blanc

  • Aig des Posettes

  • Bruce content with the view

    Vallee de l' Arve below (Chamonix)

  • Mike, enjoying the view

  • Tre la Champ - France

    Cute, but not the best accommodations. Pronounced: te-hole-la-cham

  • Fading light